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12. Feb 2016

Stredoeurópska strategická rada a jej organizácie aj v roku 2015 aktívne posilňovali hlas Slovenska v zahraničí.

TATRA SUMMIT 2016 Announcement Coming Soon!

1. Feb 2016
The crisis of the Euro is far from over, so is the Ukrainian conflict. The EU has been struggling to cope with more and more migrant influxes and it must now negotiate a new set of rules to meet the demands of the United Kingdom, which might end up leaving the EU if its citizens decide so in the upcoming referendum.

TATRA SUMMIT 2015 Summary Out Now!

13. Jan 2016

Record-breaking Audience at TATRA SUMMIT 2015!

The National Convention on the European Union 2015

11. Jan 2016
In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, the Centre for European Affairs is the co-organiser of the National Convention on the European Union.

Highlights of Tatra Summit 2015

19. Nov 2015

The 2015 edition of the Tatra Summit has attracted a number of important European politicians, experts, journalists and members of the broader public.


29. Oct 2015

TATRA SUMMIT 2015 will start just in a few days.

TATRA SUMMIT 2015 to discuss migration and economy as a warm-up for the Slovak EU Presidency

26. Oct 2015
Europe has been facing unprecedented challenges to its security, economy and political order since the foundation of the European Union.

Tatra Summit 2015 as a warm-up round for the Slovak EU Presidency 2016

14. Oct 2015

Immigration crisis, economic underperformance, unresolved energy security and a number of other serious problems are currently keeping European leaders

TATRA SUMMIT 2015 will take place in less than a month

9. Oct 2015

TATRA SUMMIT, a prominent annual international conference on the most current European political, economic and financial issues, will take place in Bratislava in less than a

Call for Interns

22. Sep 2015


We are looking for active young people who want to participate in inspiring projects such as the