11. Aug 2015

Save the date for TATRA SUMMIT 2015 – the premier European Forum in Central Europe.

On 4 – 6 November 2015, hundreds of top guests from political, economic, financial and academic circles will once again travel to Bratislava with an ambitious goal – to shape the future of Europe.  

The 2015 edition of TATRA SUMMIT will be unique as it is taking place only one year ahead of the Slovak Presidency in the EU. With such a timing, it aspires to be the key platform for TRIO pre-Presidency debates. The Presidency discussions at the conference will also be placed into regional context in order to make the voice of Central Europe and its interests be heard vis-a-vis the priorities of the presidential TRIO.

The preparations of this year’s conference have already started with the support of leading analysts from Brussels-based think tanks, Guntram Wolff and Karel Lannoo, prominent economists and architects of EMU, Jorg Asmussen and Carsten Pillath, as well as the representatives of European institutions and governments, Jean-Claude Piris, Geroge Zavvos and Peter Javorčík, who had joined the TATRA SUMMIT 2015 Advisory Board.

Following the success of last year’s debates on the EU political cycle, TATRA SUMMIT 2015 aims to discuss the implementation of the EU’s strategic agenda since the new EU leadership got its mandate. The debates of the fourth TATRA SUMMIT will be focusing on the fundamental pillars of the Union – the Energy Union and Digital Single Market outlook; the unfinished business in the build-up of genuine Economic and Monetary Union; as well as the so-called “Juncker’s Investment Plan” striving to put Europe back on track to economic recovery. TATRA SUMMIT will also provide strategic outlook on the future of the Union challenged by the economic situation of Greece and the UK referendum.

TATRA SUMMIT 2015 will also feature a special Investment Forum which actively engages the European investment community to its debates on the growth funding. Its main objective is to discuss the status quo and outlook of strategic investment projects in Europe and their impact on the desired economic recovery.

TATRA SUMMIT is a prominent annual conference on the most pressing European political, economic and financial issues hosted by the Centre for European Affairs (CEA), member of the Central European Strategy Council, with the support of its strategic partners Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic and Bruegel.