9. Oct 2015

TATRA SUMMIT, a prominent annual international conference on the most current European political, economic and financial issues, will take place in Bratislava in less than a month. Since its foundation, TATRA SUMMIT has become an important platform in shaping the future of Europe and presenting the Central European point of view. Hundreds of most relevant EU stakeholders – including representatives of EU institutions, Member States’governments and parliaments, business, academia and NGOs – will gather once again in Slovak capital to exchange views and engage in debates on the most pressing European affairs.

This year’s edition of TATRA SUMMIT has a unique position. One year ahead of the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU, it aims to be the main platform for pre-Presidency debates. Following success from last year, this year’s addition will also include Investment Forum format to include European investment community in a more proactive way.

Topics of TATRA SUMMIT 2015 will include:

State of the Union – EU currently faces several challenges and growing distrust of its citizens. Migration crisis, Eurozone crisis and energy security are the most echoing issues and destabilizers of the EU. The discussions will not only reflect on these questions but also bring fresh impetus to their solutions.

Energy Union – Creating a single energy market is one of the Commission’s priorities. The Energy Union means making energy more secure, affordable and sustainable. To this European debate, TATRA SUMMIT will contribute with the answers how we – as a Europe with so various national interests, can boost the growth and protect our strategic interest at the same time.

Unfinished Business in EMU – Financial crisis in the Eurozone shook the very foundations of the common currency. The Commission is calling for a deeper integration, creating a genuine fiscal and economic union. TATRA SUMMIT 2015 will examine whether the Eurozone member states are courageous enough to take further steps towards a genuine economic coordination.

Investment Forum will embrace following agenda:

Digital Single Market – The ambitious project of creating a European digital market is aiming to transform the EU into a world leader in information and communication technology and also remove barriers to cross-border e-commerce and digital services. TATRA SUMMIT will provide concrete proposals how Europe can become a world leader in information and communication technology.

Investment Plan for Europe – Specific tools have been proposed to boost investment and economic competitiveness in the EU. Capital Markets Union project is designed to stimulate cross-border investment and draw financing opportunities to SMEs.