The Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) is a regional think-tank established and run by SAC based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Its mission is to help decision-makers and opinion-makers in Central Europe to craft common responses to current challenges, and to improve the quality of their contributions to the EU and NATO debates. It does so by engaging the region’s top experts and institutions, promoting innovative solutions, and working closely with governments to turn recommendations into policy.

The Central European countries remain advocates of several important ideas: that the European Union must continue to reach out to its neighbours in the east and in the Western Balkans, or that Europe benefi ts from a close alliance with the United States. But unless the new member-states exercise greater infl uence, these important notions will not receive the attention they deserve. Though the Central European countries enjoy solid reputations, their ability to shape EU and NATO policies would improve further if they were seen as contributing useful ideas on challenges facing the EU and NATO:

• How to boost economic growth in Europe?
• What should a reformed EU look like?
• How should the allies respond to the US ‘pivot’ to Asia?

CEPI aims to help Central European governments and their expert communities to create responses to these new challenges, and thus to boost the region’s standing in the eyes of other member-states.