About the Project

The project „The New EU Diplomat: Beyond Democracy Defending” is designed to strengthen involvement of young people in active European citizenship and to participate actively and creatively at democratic processes, to learn about EU diplomacy, EU delegations, foreign policy decision-making processes and to better understand EU external relations after the launching of the European External Action Service. Its objective is to foster the mutual understanding among prospective EU leaders from four EU countries (Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania) in an interactive and innovative way. It will be organized as a multicultural learning programme for young leaders with the ambition to become future EU diplomats or EU professionals. From the expert dimension it will be covered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Permanent Delegation of the SR to the EU and experts in the field of EU politics and economics.

The Multinational Project Setting

The implementation of this European project in 4B Capital cities (Budapest, Berlin, Bucharest and Bratislava) will create real multinational working environment to foster the multicultural dialogue, further cooperation and innovative thinking of European youth. We believe the project will be successful in promoting democratic values within the outreach of four participating countries and beyond and strengthening young European citizenship on local, regional, national and international level.

First part
E-learning part via innovative informal educational programs (e-lectures, e-exams) focused on EU foreign and security policy
March - June 2013

Second part
11th – 13th April (Venue: Budapest)
Training session focused on negotiation skills, identifying strategies and tactics available to member states, enhancing communication skills and effectiveness in meetings, Foreign Affairs Council simulation

25th – 27th April (Venue: Berlin)
Training session focused on public speaking, rhetoric, techniques of argument, tactical suggestions for dealing with “delicate” situations and delegates, event on future of EU external relations

16th – 18th May (Venue: Bucharest)
Training session focused on decision making and creative solutions, running a meeting - presidency techniques, world cafe method event with young Europeans on the most pressing EU issues (unemployment in the EU, enlargement of the EU, migration politics)

6th – 9th June (Venue: Bratislava)
Training session concluded by simulation of the European Council/EU Summit focused on appreciation the fundamental importance of agendas and structured meetings, preparing, coordinating and operating efficiently in institutional settings



Project The New EU Diplomat: Beyond Democracy Defending was organised within the framework of the Youth in Action Programme with the financial support of the European Commission.