Representatives of think-tanks and academia, governments and international institutions, businesses and the media regularly gather to discuss economic and political aspects of European integration.

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QUARTETORIUM provides a platform for four different sectors – four different perspectives on one problem – unique place within the discourse on European Union matters in Slovakia.

While scrutinising the most burning issues of European politics and economy of today, the Quartetorium discussions not only provide a platform for a variety of perspectives, but also help create contacts and build trust among representatives of four different sectors.

As hand-picking panellists contributes to better understanding among practitioners, academics and the general public – special emphasis is put on selecting a balanced panel of speakers and the presence of high-ranking representatives in each group of the quartet.

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QUARTETORIUM not only hosts prominent experts, but also encourages open debate among professionals.

These represent four sectors essential to any debate on European affairs – representatives of think-tanks and academia, governments and international institutions, businesses and the media. Distinguished discussants are invited to express openly their opinions and attitudes toward the most debated and controversial topics in less formal atmosphere.

As the debates are open to the public, the audience is encouraged to join the experts in discussing and questioning fundamental matters associated with the European Union and its current economic crisis.

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QUARTETORIUM connects decision-makers and opinion leaders. Become part of the debate.

Due to the speakers’ high level of expertise, the debates give the audience access to invaluable information and ideas. The debates are scheduled according to the EU calendar and thus are always held at a time when the organisers can maximise their impact on decision-makers.

High credibility of the event makes it one of the most influential forums, shaping political and economic development of tomorrow. Last, but not least, the presence of the media ensures visibility to the most the most burning problems as well as most effective solutions of today’s Europe.  


12 Dec

Quartetorium I.

12. Dec 2012
19 Feb

Quartetorium II.

19. Feb 2013
07 Nov

Quartetorium III.

7. Nov 2013
25 Nov

Quartetorium IV.

25. Nov 2013
04 Dec

Quartetorium V.

4. Dec 2013
12 Dec

Quartetorium VI.

12. Dec 2013


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