Élite platform with impact within the European Union and beyond

TATRA SUMMIT initiative was launched by the Center for European Affairs (CEA) with an ambitious goal – to shape the future of Europe. It established a wide forum promoting cross-sector networking and active exchange of ideas as it integrates debates on political and economic levels of the European policy-making by bringing together representatives from the EU institutions, member states’ ministries of finance and diplomacy, leaders from the business and financial sectors, think tanks’ analysts and international media.

Organised by the CEA with the support of its partners at Bruegel and the Institute for Financial Policy (IFP) of the Slovak Ministry of Finance, the TATRA SUMMIT injected an increasingly important Central European dimension to the Eurozone integration dynamics.

Slovakia seized the initiative and made again its mark on the Europe-wide strategic discourse. The only V4 country to adopt the euro, Slovakia reflects a remarkable transformation and historic reverse of economic fortunes of the Central European countries.